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PECTIV pads are designed to protect women from Irritation, embarrassing leakage, unpleasant odor and potential vaginal infections caused by conventional pads.

✓ Sensitivity & Itchiness

PECTIV is free of toxic chemicals such as dioxin, bleaches, fragrances, chlorine, or other harmful materials found in most pads.
The result is a comfortable pad without Irritation and Itch.

✓ Infection & Bad odor

PECTIV pads are breathable and equipped with Anion Layer to prevent bacteria accumulation on the pad that contribute to bad odors and infection.
PECTIV pads eliminate the risk of infections, unpleasant odor and vaginal discharge caused by using conventional feminine pads.

✓ Side leakage

PECTIV period pads can absorb up to 120 ml of period blood, plus the side guards effectively prevent side leakage.

PECTIV wipes are formulated to be gentle and safe even for the most sensitive skin. They are 100% free of petrochemicals, alcohol, fragrances, soap, and sulphates.

✓ Supports your vaginal health

Specially formulated with probiotics and pH-balance formula to defend the intimate area against bad bacteria, removing bad odor, and not causing any irritation.

✓ Moisturize and treat dryness

PECTIV feminine wipes are infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to infuse your skin with the moisture it needs to stay nourished and hydrated.

✓ Cleanses away odor-causing bacteria

Gentle yet hardworking wipes cleanses odor-causing bacteria without stripping away the natural goodness of your skin.

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