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Women’s bodies come in all different shapes, sizes, and types. And every period is like every woman’s body, unique to her individual. PECTIV sanitary pads are refined to embrace woman’s individuality, answering her own intimate menstruation needs.

Our products are adjusted to offer each and every woman the ultimate health and hygiene protection to feel comfortable and confident all cycle long.

Pectiv No Irritation Pads

No Irritation

Pectiv No Leakage Pads

No Leakage

Pectiv No Odor Pads

No Odor

Pectiv No Bacteria Pads

No Bacteria


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Regular Pads

10 Pads / Pack

42 reviews
5.0 rating

16.50 AED

Night Pads

8 Pads / Pack

28 reviews
5.0 rating

17.50 AED

Overnight Pads

8 Pads / Pack

37 reviews
5.0 rating

18.50 AED

Panty Liners

30 Pads / Pack

16 reviews
5.0 rating

19.50 AED


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