Why Do Irregular Periods Cause Weight Gain

Why Do Irregular Periods Cause Weight Gain?

Your weight gain has so much to do with your periods and if your clothes do not fit you anymore, blame your irregular periods. You would find a sudden increase in your weight and this makes it important to understand how irregular periods and weight gain are related.
If you put up weight, you might welcome hormonal imbalances that affect your menstrual cycle. And if you are facing irregular periods, weight gain is going to knock next on your door. Either way, you are left with two problems to deal with- weight gain and irregular periods.

Signs and Symptoms of Irregular Periods

Weight gain is not the only sign of irregular periods as you would experience other issues relating to your menstrual health. Let us understand a few signs to understand better.

⦁ Skip or delay in periods
Heavy bleeding or light bleeding after months of delay
⦁ Periods last for seven to eight days or more
⦁ Increase in testosterone levels
⦁ Unwanted body hair
⦁ Acne or Oily Skin
⦁ Hair loss and depression

These signs can be observed as you start gaining weight and become more prominent in the later months. You should consult a gynecologist on missing your periods for a minimum of 2 months.

Why Do Irregular Periods Cause Weight Gain

Periods are related to several hormonal changes and secretions that make periods a complex episode in your body. Weight gain due to irregular periods, thus, signifies more issues than just one

  1. Insulin Imbalance
    As you start gaining weight, your endocrine system drops in its functionality levels. Your body becomes resistant to insulin and fails to regulate insulin levels in your blood. The blood insulin levels rise affecting the essential hormonal production in your body. This directly affects your menstrual cycle causing irregular periods.
  2. Endocrine Diseases
    Research has found that irregular periods and weight gain indicate serious underlying problems like PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) causing your body to produce excess androgen. Amenorrhea, again, is one critical problem that occurs because of an extended duration of irregular periods. Both amenorrhea and PCOS make you heavy and plumpy.
  3. Excess Production of Estrogen
    Weight gain and irregular periods show up together and mostly demand some urgent attention. The female hormone estrogen is produced every month to build your uterus’s endometrium layer which sheds in the absence of fertilization as period blood.
    When you put up weight, the cholesterol compounds in your fat cells turn into estrone. This estrone (a weak form of estrogen) messes with the function of ovaries causing a disturbance in the estrogen production. This leads to excessive bleeding or a pause in ovulation for months causing irregular periods.
  4. Temporary Weight Gain
    Women who experience Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS often fall prey to binge eating, uncontrollable food cravings and junk food consumption. All of this gets you too heavy on the weight scale. This is a temporary period that requires urgent attention to steer clear of permanent overweight issues.

How to Treat This Condition?

Irregular periods and excessive weight gain can be treated by following a healthy lifestyle. You need to be more conscious of and responsible for how you treat your body.

  1. Consult a Gynecologist
    The moment you understand that you are facing irregular periods and weight gain issues, see a doctor. The longer you wait the worse your condition becomes. Your doctor will prescribe some artificial hormonal medications that restore normal menstrual cycle by allowing the body to produce adequate amounts of progesterone and estrogen.
  2. Avoid Fast Food and Shift to a Healthy Diet
    Fast food is never a wise choice unless you want to get loaded with unwanted trans-fat, spices and toxic junk that troubles hormonal productions in your body. PCOS is common among women in this generation due to the increasing consumption of fast foods. Treat yourself to vitamins like B3, B5, B6 and foods that trim down the fats. Even a loss of 5-10 Kgs can bring your periods back!
  3. Workout, Meditate and Stay Fit
    Workouts, exercise, fiber-rich diet, and meditation work like a miracle for women who suffer from irregular periods and weight gain problems. Get moving, get your body muscles to work and jump around until you feel enough. Physical activities boost blood circulation and keep you fit. Yoga or meditation frees your body of emotional stress (a reason why your body encounters hormonal disturbances).
  4. Get heavy doses of water, dry fruits, and supplements
    Water is your armor and it helps you maintain sound hormonal health. Hydrate your body from time to time for the efficient movement and absorption of nutrients. Delight in dry fruits, nuts and supplements that are a source for much-needed Mg and Fe that improve menstrual health.

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