swimming during period


If you’ve been worried about the idea of going for a swim during your period, you’re not alone! Many women feel the same and choose to steer clear of pools and beaches while on their periods. But why miss the fun if you can have it?


When it comes to women’s health and menstruation, there are a few misconceptions that need to be addressed. Let’s go through them one by one …

Swimming while on your period is messy

Swimming during menstruation won’t cause any mess if you do it right. Keep in mind that competitive swimmers swim and win while on their period. Period swimwear can help control the flow while in the water. Swimwear is a type of swimsuits or underwear made to protect you during your period; it has many layers down there to hold the flow in. Another option available to non-virgin women is to use a tampon or a cup instead of a pad. A pad will soak up water and may actually cause a mess. Remember, depending on culture and values, wearing a tampon or a cup might not be the right option for you if you are a virgin.

You can leave a trail of period blood if you swim while menstruating

Relax! you don’t have to worry about that if you’re wearing the right swimwear or using a cup or a tampon. You can tell a friend of yours to keep an eye on you and tell if anything is not in place so you can swim carefree.

The pressure of the water will not allow any flow

Water can have some pressure that works against your blood flow. But it’s not enough to guarantee there won’t be any flow! In other words, you can’t trust the under-water pressure to keep you safe while swimming.

Swimming during your period can cause infections

Unless you are swimming in the wild, there’s no reason to worry about getting an infection because you swim during your period. First, pools are chlorinated. Second, being on your period doesn’t increase your risk of catching an infection while swimming. However, some people might experience skin irritations, irritation of the vulva and vagina, or yeast infections after swimming, but again, these conditions can happen regardless of the time of month you choose to swim.

Sharks will attack you

Let’s correct this statement with one quick fact: Most shark attacks target men! So don’t worry, the sharks can’t smell period blood, it’s guaranteed.

Period blood will ruin pool water for others

There are two main reasons why this should not make you worried: First, blood won’t actually leak if you take care of it by wearing the appropriate products. Second, pool water is chlorinated to make sure bodily fluids people release while swimming, like sweat, are not a threat to others. There’s no evidence that infections in general or STDs can spread by swimming during periods.

Swimming will make your period cramps worse

Exercise is good for your period cramps and is known to alleviate symptoms of PCOS and Endometriosis. Swimming has the same kind of benefits when it comes to periods. However, you may want to avoid swimming in cold water as it can make the cramps worse. 


Chlorinated water in pools can alter the vaginal PH level, causing yeast infections later on! That’s why you should take a shower after swimming. Another helpful tip is using the Foaming Feminine Wash from PECTIV to restore a healthy vaginal environment and keep feeling fresh and clean! Try it now!

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