Menopause in women is when periods stop permanently. By definition, menopause is the passing of 12 months since your last period. Perimenopausal years are the few years before menopause. In contrast to the common beliefs, menopause is not the end of a woman’s sexual life. Postmenopausal women can’t have kids, but they sure can still enjoy sex life if they choose to. In fact, about 27% of women in their 70s are still sexually active. 


The drop in sex hormones after menopause, namely estrogen and testosterone, is responsible for the decrease in sexual desire (libido) in women after menopause. Some women find this lack of desire relieving while some find it upsetting. Interestingly, some women report increased libido after menopause, this might be related to fewer concerns and worries at this stage of life. 


Lower estrogen levels are associated with lesser blood flow to the vaginal walls. This decreases the lubrication produced by the vagina making sex uncomfortable and even painful. In addition, the vaginal tissues become thinner and less elastic. This, too, contributes to the pain and discomfort during sex.


Health problems increase with age, these can deplete overall energy making women less interested in sex. Sleep disturbances, which are also common around menopause, play a role in making women less energetic and less excited about sex. 


Not all menopause problems are attributed to age. Side effects of some medications can be causing trouble. It’s necessary to check current medications with your doctor to see if they’re affecting libido and lubrication, or if they’re making you tired. 


Menopause is accompanied by major shifts in mood, desires, feelings, and thinking. It’s truly a critical phase in every woman’s life. And while some women adapt smoothly, others face mental challenges. It’s perfectly normal to go through these changes and challenges and you can expect all of that to affect your sexual life.


The following tips can offer huge help for your intimate life. 

  1. Use water-soluble lubricants

This simple tip can improve pleasure and decrease discomfort. Give it a try before you consider other treatments. Oil-based lubricants have some disadvantages in comparison to water-based ones.

  1. Consult with your doctor for more treatments

 Your doctor can prescribe estrogen creams, pessaries, or rings to help increase natural lubrication and moisture in your vagina. You’ll need to continue using these products to maintain the desired results. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can also be discussed with your doctor.

  1. Personal care 

You may need extra personal care after menopause as your vagina and vulva become thinner and dryer. The PH level of the vagina changes after menopause, which can make you more vulnerable to some infections including Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Condoms are still required at this stage as you still need protection from STIs.

  1. Communicate with your sexual partner

Open communication with your partner can be a key to a better sex life after menopause. Try to discuss your preferences as well as the things you don’t enjoy anymore. Increasing foreplay and taking your time can improve pleasure for you and your partner. You can also try new things and explore different forms of care and intimacy.

  1. Consult with a sex therapist 

This can be a huge step toward a better, more relaxed, and more satisfying sex life. Talking to a therapist who specializes in sex therapy can help you understand the mental changes you’re going through and give you the support you and your partner need.  

Remember that this time of your life is precious! Many women feel happier after menopause than ever before. You can redefine and rediscover yourself with no rush! So, take the time you need to experience new forms of passion, love, and desire. 


The PH level of the vagina shifts significantly after menopause and the vaginal tissue becomes dry and thin. That’s why avoiding harsh soaps after menopause is more important than ever. The Foaming Feminine Wash from PECTIV is the perfect formula to use before and after menopause! It combines the needed protection with a very gentle composition! Try The Foaming Feminine Wash from PECTIV today!

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