Your First Periods or Menarche - Signs and Symptoms

MENARCHE or First Periods : Signs and Symptoms

Menarche or First periods is an important moment for your development and a sign for entering in your reproductive period. There isn’t an accurate way of predicting the exact moment of your first menstrual cycle, but there are some signs and symptoms that will announce a soon arrival of this natural phenomenon.

While you read this list, remember that your organism is unique and has its own program, so don’t worry if you experiment these symptoms before or after your friends. Follow the signs so that you will be prepared for it. Most girls will have their first menstrual cycle between 11 and 13 years old, but some of them can have menses before or after this time frame and there is nothing wrong about it. Anytime between 9 and 16 years old is considered physiologically and is a sign that certain processes in your body occur in the right way. 

What are the Signs and Symptoms of the first period cycle?

1. Breast buds appear 

The development of breast buds is a sign that your menarche is close. The breast buds are small tissue bumps that appear under the areolae. These buds will continue to grow until they form mature breasts. Generally, the first menstrual cycle manifests after 2 years since the breast buds form. 

2. Pubic hair appears 

Pubic hair appearance is also a definite sign for the pubertal development. Usually, the pubic hair is evident after the development of breast buds. At first, the pubic hair will be thin and light in color, but afterwards it will become thicker and darker.  

3. Vaginal discharge 

Another sign for the manifestation of your menarche is vaginal discharge. It can appear as white or transparent fluid that stains your underwear and it marks the response of your body to the hormonal changes that occur during this period of time. Though it might seem unpleasant to you, this fluid is important for keeping your vagina clean and healthy. 

4. Talk to your mother 

While it has partial scientific support, you mother’s age for the first menstrual cycle may be the same for you. So, talk to your mother in an openly and relaxed manner about what to expect from your first periods and other changes that happened during her puberty. She will always be your best friend!

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