Menstrual Cups

how to use Menstrual cups: Advantage and Disadvantage?

Created from flexible and friendly materials for the human body, the menstrual cups are reusable devices for maintaining the female menstrual hygiene. These cups are inserted into vagina and collect the menstrual flux. They are comfortable, easy to use, safer and more efficient than tampons.

Even though menstrual cups are not a new invention (they existed on the market since 1930), their use was not so common. But, as time goes by, the advantages of menstrual cups determine more and more women to choose them over classical tampons.

What are menstrual cups and how do they work?

Menstrual cups are reusable devices made out of silicon, latex, or other materials, that can be inserted into the vaginal canal due to their flexibility. Menstrual cups collect the menstrual blood and are three times more effective in collecting this product than normal tampons. The cup can be worn up to 12 hours (including overnight) and must be emptied and cleaned after use.

How to use menstrual cup?

  • Clean the product.
  • Wash your hands and intimate area.
  • Squeeze the menstrual cup between fingers so that its superior portion forms the “C” letter.
  • From a comfortable position, insert the cup into your vagina, with the widest part up and try to direct it to the posterior.
  • Make sure it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable (you shouldn’t feel it).
  • In order to remove it, wash your hands and just apply traction on the rod and keep a vertical position of the cup so that the content is kept in place.
  • Remove the content and wash and disinfect the menstrual cup.

How to choose the right menstrual cup?

Each body is unique so there is no general recommendation as for choosing the best menstrual cup. It is more a problem of fitting your individual vaginal dimensions and acceptability of the menstrual product. You will probably need to try some of the products in order to find perfect menstrual cup adapted for your body and lifestyle.

However, here are some characteristics and criteria that might help you in the process of choosing a product:

  • Material– the most products are made of medical silicon and latex, with or without coloring substances; you may choose an organic alternative.
  • Firmness– menstrual cups can be firm or flexible; usually, the larger the cup, the firmer it gets and harder to insert into vaginal canal.
  • Capacity of collection– Menstrual cups can store up to 20-30 ml of menstrual blood; you should choose the product according to your menstrual flow.
  • Dimensions– the length and diameter of the menstrual cup vary; generally, there are two dimensions: one for women under 30 years without a vaginal birth in personal history, and one for women over 30 or who had a vaginal birth regardless of age.
  • Shape– some are long and narrow, while others are wider and more rounded in shape; the superior margins can also vary in terms of shape and thickness.
  • Rod’s shape– the rod can be rounded, plane, triangular, solid or partially filled with material, etc. Most of them can be cut of in order to adapt to your vagina.
  • Quality and safety– The vagina is a sensitive area and needs special attention and care. You should always choose certified and high-quality products, because the products are economic on long-term.

What are the advantages of menstrual cups?

  • It is designed for long term use. In contrast to the single use menstrual products, the menstrual cup can be reutilized up to 10 years if it is properly maintained, so they are budget and environmental- friendly.
  • High collecting capacity- it can collect up to 20 ml of menstrual blood so that you don’t have to worry to change it every 4 hours.
  • Some cups allow sex during periods; while the most menstrual cups are removed during intercourse, some of them have a dome shape in the center so that your partner won’t have difficulties during intercourse.
  • No more bad odor; usually the blood becomes malodorous when put in contact with air, but this inconvenient is eliminated by the menstrual cups.
  • It is comfortable and efficient- it prevents staining of clothes and lingerie, and allows vigorous activities during daytime.

What are the disadvantages of menstrual cups?

  • Sometimes it is difficult to find the best fitting product for your vagina;
  • Discomfort and mild itching at the beginning;
  • Removing the cup can be sometimes difficult;
  • Menstrual cups should NOT be used when the woman has an intrauterine device (IUD);
  • Also, menstrual cups should NOT be used by virgins and women with genital prolapse;

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