which menstrual product should i use

Which period product should I use?

“Good menstrual hygiene enables women and girls to live a self-determined life” there are a range of feminine hygiene products to keep you feeling comfortable and dry, and several factors to consider.
To help you make your decision we’ve outlined the different products.

There are a lot of menstrual products out there:

  • pads (sanitary napkins)
  • tampons
  • menstrual cups
  • period underwear


Sanitary Pad is an absorbent pad worn by women in their underwear during menstruation. Pads are recommended to be changed every 3–4 hours to avoid the growth of bacteria. That’s why choosing the right pad is so important, look for the ones that contain Anion layer to prevent bacteria growth and infections, and also to be free of harmful chemicals to prevent irritation and rashes such as PECTIV.

There are many different types of pads to be chosen based on your flow, including
– Regular pads
– Night pads
– Overnight pads
– Pantyliners
– Pantyliner long

Pads are easy to used and come in lots of options to accommodate changes in your flow and activities.


A tampon is a menstrual product designed to absorb blood by insertion into the vagina during menstruation.
Tampons, come in different sizes and absorbencies
– Slim
– Regular

– super flexible
– Some come with cardboard applicators.

However, in addition to menstrual blood, the tampon also absorbs the vagina’s natural lubrication and bacteria, which can change the normal pH, increasing the risk of infections. They can sometimes irritate and dry out your vagina, making it itchy and uncomfortable.

Menstrual cup

Like a tampon, menstrual cups are inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Its purpose is to collect menstrual fluid, they can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time but you’ll need to give it a thorough wash after each cycle.

Period underwear

Period-proof underwear is made with multiple layers of microfiber polyester designed to wick moisture away from the skin and from leaking onto your clothes. They’re reusable, but you may not be used to feeling the flow of your menstruation, this feeling can be unnerving, although they prevent leakage. They’re not recommended for heavy flows.

Remember that finding the right menstrual product for you is a process of trial and error, all that matters is that you’re doing what feels good for your cycle and choosing the products that allow you to live fearlessly.

Recommended Products

Regular Pads

10 Pads / Pack
$6.10(VAT included)
62 reviews
Rated 5 out of 5

Overnight Pads

8 Pads / Pack
$6.10(VAT included)
42 reviews
Rated 5 out of 5

Night Pads

8 Pads / Pack
$6.10(VAT included)
33 reviews
Rated 5 out of 5

Panty Liners

30 Pads / Pack
$6.60(VAT included)
23 reviews
Rated 5 out of 5


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