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Sex during Periods: Yes or No?

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Can we have Sex during Periods - Yes or No

The answer is YES!!! Because sexual relationships during menstruation always raise concerns, here are some answers!

Is it safe to have sex during periods?

There is absolutely no medical reason for a woman to not have sexual intercourse during menstruation. This prohibition is a more personal one, and it derives from personal beliefs and insecurities. A woman can manifest sexual desire during her period, and for some women it might be more intense especially due to the hormonal changes that increase the libido to a maximum. This aspect is mostly true for women who utilize combined oral contraceptives that can have a lowering impact over libido, and who in the 7 days pause experience an increased sexual desire.

Do women enjoy having sex during menstruation?

As for both women and men, there are some mixed opinions.  Some persons cannot think about sex during periods, while others enjoy it even more. One woman may actually find out that sex is responsible for greatly reducing the period pain or other symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome. Anyway, this aspect should be discussed with your partner and you should establish the best moment for sex.

Is it possible to get pregnant during menstrual Sex?

Yes, even though the chance of getting pregnant is slim, you should keep in mind that this thing is possible, so that protection is required anytime.

Is blood an impediment for sexual intercourse?

Blood is not an impediment, at least for the mechanic of sex. It is a very efficient lubricant. The acceptance of both partners depends on personal preferences and beliefs. Some may find menstrual blood dirty and full of microbes, while others may consider it 100% natural and harmless. Anyway, the menstrual blood is the perfect vehicle for sexual transmitted infections (STIs). So don’t forget to use protection, especially if you have multiple partners.

Can sex during periods disrupt the regularity of menstrual cycle?

No, no and no. When some women are having sex during period, the length of the menstrual cycle can shorten. But that is because sex stimulates the uterus to eliminate faster the blood, and not because the blood remains trapped in some body cavity. 

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