6 Activities That Relieve Period Cramps

6 Remedies for Period Cramps or Menstrual Pain Relief

Period cramps are the most complained menstrual problems that women on this planet face. The persistent pain is no less than a nightmare for most women before and during periods. For some, the period cramps get even serious with endometriosis.

Periods get painful when your uterine lining sheds “prostaglandins“— that in excess, causes menstrual cramps. Prostaglandins are hormone-like chemicals on your uterine lining responsible for pain and inflammation. You start experiencing pain in the back, abdomen, thighs and breasts.

6 Remedies That Relieve Period Cramps

While there are many drugs and painkillers that women prefer taking, natural remedies are more favorable in fighting menstrual pain. Unlike medications like ibuprofen that instantly yet temporarily treat menstrual cramps, your body needs certain activities that naturally reduce cramps.

1.     Yoga & Exercise

The evil pains might make you roll under your blankets or crawl up on the bed but that’s not going to help you. Body movements, yoga and light exercise work wonders in treating menstrual cramps.

Get down your comfy bed and try Cobra Pose, Cat/Cow Pose, fish pose that involve stretching, bending and turning. Moderate movements like jogging and aerobic exercises treat menstrual cramps to a great extent.

Body movements are fun and effective at the same time. These poses will turn your painful period days into relaxed ones.

2.     Diet change

You need to maintain a special diet plan before and during periods. First off, start with hydrating yourself– water keeps the pain at bay. Indulge yourself in warm and gingery black tea, soups, hot water with squeezed lemon.

Grab some raspberries, strawberries, cinnamon shakes and little amounts of chocolate to fix your sweet tooth. Chicken, fish, green veggies, and herbs have plenty of iron to replenish that which is lost during periods. Flaxseeds and dry fruits aid swelling and period pain.

Stay a mile away from caffeine, salt and sugar— these are not your friends on these days. Also, fatty foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages are going to cause bloating and water retention—this heightens the menstrual pain.

3.     Acupuncture or Acupressure

Acupressure is an age-old Chinese technique that works like a magic mantra! All you need to do is lay in your coziest position and press these two pressure points:

  • One, at the base of your thumb
  • Second, at the base of your index finger 

Press and hold these two points alternatively a few times. Repeat the same in every two hours. And there you go; you will notice a significant drop in the pain levels.

4.     Heat Pads

How does a warm shower after a tiresome day feel to you? Doesn’t it feel heaven? A study shows that hot water packs (heat therapy) make your muscles flexible to soothe discomfort and pain.

Heat treatment acts like a magnet that pulls your muscle pain away. This is a proved and tested method that has been helping women like you.

You could use the following:

  • Hot, uncooked rice in a cloth
  • Hot Water Pack
  • Heating Pads

5.     Essential Oils and Massage therapy

There are delightful ways out there that relax your mind and soothe your pain receptor nerves. Light a scented candle and make room for peace. Get your favourite essential oil or cream containing essential oils.

Lavender, Cinnamon, Rose, Oil Blends and certain exotic aromatic oils can be diluted with carrier oils (almond, coconut, avocado or seed oils) and apply gently on your skin. These oils, when smelt or applied, have helped relieve menstrual cramps.

Make sure you dilute one drop of essential oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil. This is how aromatherapy works and it has shown a remarkable reduction in the duration of period pains.

6.     Self-care and Self-Love

Self-care, without a doubt, involves large doses of self-love, a good diet, a great company, best treatment and loads of care. How can this help you through the painful days?

Bloating, fatigue, sickness, mood swings and irritability– all women are gifted with and self-care makes you pull through efficiently. Take enough rest, enjoy hot showers and pamper yourself.

Every month, as the painful time rolls around, make space for you. Talk to people you love, spend time doing what you like and do whatever you wish to feel mentally calm and relieved. Goodbye Pain!

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